Tuesday, May 24, 2016


This weekend completely flew by!

I had three skincare classes this weekend, which was awesome because it gave me a chance to get practiced up and kind of get a routine down.

I have two more for this week and then one next week.
I'm really hoping to earn my rewards soon!

No, I am not doing this because of the chance to win something. 

I am doing this because I hope to make a difference in someone's life.
I want to be able to take some one who isn't confident in her skin and make her feel confident and beautiful.

I want to be able to take that woman who sees nothing but lines and wrinkles in her face and make them to be the last thing she thinks about.

I want to help the woman who has never really been a "makeup wearer" to know what will look good on her and how to make it accentuate the beauty she already has.

I would love to get involved with our local women's shelter and help survivors of domestic violence see how beautiful they really are and to help build their confidence back.

I want to be able to reach out to that cancer patient who is so weary from the cancer-fighting drugs she has to take and help her feel renewed and refreshed.

I want to make a difference in someone's life by helping them to feel at their 100% best.

That is why I started this business.

The rewards you can win in this business are nice, and they're pretty, but they're nothing like the reward you get when you see someones face light up because of how you made them feel. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Two weeks into the business world...

It's been two weeks since I started my business adventure.
As of right now I have five appointments scheduled.
Three more and I can earn my "pink ice ring."

These appointments don't have to be with a group of people, they can just be once person.
We can do a one-on-one skin care session where you will be able to sample the products and browse through the catalog.

The ideal goal is to do 30 facials in 30 days.

I'm hoping to make that goal a reality!

If you're interested in helping, shoot me an email and we can get a date set!

It does not have to be in the evening, it can be whenever you choose!

Kids are also welcome!

I even do  "mommy/daughter" appointments!

What little girl doesn't like to put her mommy's makeup on?

Regan is only 18 months old and I can't keep her out of my makeup!

The new summer products have launched so I have the catalog for those as well.

There are two new conealers, a new rose gold compact (empty), a new mascara that's pretty dang impressive, and a  new lipstick that donates proceeds to domestic violence survivors (it comes in an adorable tube and is a gorgeous color!)

If you're in the Erie area and interested in booking a skin care session with me, send me a email at mbaldwin2812@marykay.com!

I'm really excited to see where this business takes me!

If you're interested in the products but not interested in a skin care session, check out my personal website!
Shop with me 24/7 from the convenience of home!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Business Adventure!

If you know me at all, you know I love makeup and beauty stuff.
If I had the chance, I may go to cosmetology school....but I'd rather go to med school...haha

Anyway, yesterday I decided to step out of my comfort zone and into something totally different.

I am now an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.

I am nervous about it because I really do want to succeed at this, but at the same time I'm afraid I won't get anywhere in this journey.

Having a supportive husband helps.
Knowing he believes in me is awesome.
He hates that I have to leave for work not long after he gets home.
He would rather I stay home so I can spend time with my family instead of dashing out the door to be gone all evening.

I am excited because I will finally be able to share what I think is a God-given talent and passion.

I love makeup and I'd love to be able to make other women feel beautiful and confident and comfortable in their skin.

I have a lot to learn about owning my own business, and I know it will take time to build.
I am definitely looking forward to the journey this will take me on.

If anyone would like to book a pampering party, let me know!

Also, please be praying for me as I start this journey. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

We are four months into 2016.
Our winter was great, our spring sucks.
I guess that’s what happens when you live in Pennsylvania.

Deklan will be three next month. I think we are starting to see signs of treacherous three’s as opposed to terrible twos.
I have many friends who say three’s are worse than two’s so we will see.
We are working on potty training. It’s really hit and miss for him.
Sometimes he will tell us he has to go and other times he will go days with refusing to do anything.
This morning he told Brian he had to go and he went.
He’s currently wearing big boy underwear and he’s kept them dry.
Let’s hope it sticks.

Regan is three days away from being 17 months old.
She’s starting to talk a little bit and she knows “mama, dada, d (Deklan), shoe, poop, night night, ear, eye, and dog….I’m pretty sure there’s more she can say but I can’t think of them right now.
She knows where her eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hair.
She’s still a terribly picky eater, and I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be a vegetarian. She seems to really dislike meat.
We’ve managed to get somethings done around the house.
We got our living room painted, finally.
We need to finish the mudroom and the pantry, Brian has to finish the fence and we have a few more things we are going to try and get done this year.
Obviously we are saving the more expensive projects for further down the line.
Does anyone else have any house projects going on?

Let me know! I’d love to see what other people are working on!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Let's be real here.
I suck at blogging.
I always say I'm going to try to do multiple posts weekly but...well...that never happens.
Maybe it's because I don't really have anything going on.
Maybe my life is really boring.
Maybe I still haven't come up with a really creative craft for my kids to make or I haven't come up with a really yummy recipe (which isn't true, I just can't remember what it was for!)
Or maybe I'm just plain lazy.

Yep, that's probably more likely.

So, once again, I'm really going to try.
I really want to make an effort to at least do something once a week.

Stay tuned to see if I follow through!